About Us

Erin Pease is the owner and operator of Immaculate Housekeeping, LLC, and brings more than 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry. In 2004, she witnessed the opportunity to fill a recognizable need with the industry.  Immaculate Housekeeping, LLC provides top-notch cleaning for  busy professionals, business owners and private home and yacht owners . With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Pease has built a steadily growing company from the ground up, and has astutely corned the market for high-end condo and yacht cleaning. She personally developed an advanced cleaning method to ensure that all of her customers receive an immaculate product coupled with immaculate service. In her ongoing commitment to make the Company stand out as both exceptional and eco-conscious, she recently incorporated an ionized water filtration system that enables better cleaning performance by adjusting the pH levels of the water to each surface’s individual requirements – all without the need for harsh chemicals.

Immaculate Housekeeping, LLC


Cleaning Hours
8am – 4pm Monday – Sunday and by appointment
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9am – 5pm Monday -Friday 

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