Must I be at home when you clean my house?

It’s your choice. Many of our customers prefer to give us a key. Others leave us a key in a safe place each visit such as a lock box. Others are home while we clean.

How do you protect my keys?

Your key is secured in a locked key storage to which only the Immaculate Housekeeping office managers have access. The key is issued to your house keeper on the day of the cleaning and then returned back to the managers to get stored back in the lock box.

What if I would like something cleaned that may not be a normal item in the housekeeper’s normal checklist?

We have a wide variety of housekeepers that can offer a wide variety of additional home services and special projects that can be tailored to your exact needs. Contact our office for more information. If you have a special request, we are happy to accommodate where we can.

Do I need to provide my own house cleaning products?

Immaculate Housekeeping will always be prepared to clean your home with our supplies. If you have preferable cleaning products that you would like to supply instead, just inform our office and we will gladly utilize your supplies.

Will I always have the same housekeeper?

We make every effort to have the same housekeepers in your home. Occasionally there may be a substitute due to illness.

What are your house cleaning rates?

Fees are based on the condition and size of the home. The easiest way to get a quote is to go to our Get A Quote form here or you can contact our office and speak to one of our representatives. We will walk you through our cleaning processes and provide you with a price for a service that has been created to fit your specific needs.

Is tipping required?

We leave that up to you. If you feel your housekeeper is providing you with the service you deserve then feel free to leave a tip. We know tips are always appreciated. Tips can be added to your credit card or if you’d like to leave it in cash, please do so in a marked envelope clearly stating the housekeepers name.

Do we need to prepare for our service?

Unless included in your scope of work, picking up clutter and doing dishes in advance can help your housekeeper focus her attention on the major projects that need her attention.

How can I be sure that my home and belongings will be safe?

Although we make sure every housekeeper we hire has a history of being very careful with your belongings, it’s good to know that you are protected against loss and/or breakage that may occur while they clean your home. All of our housekeepers go through a thorough background check and we are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company.

****What is your cancellation policy?

We require 2 business days notice if you need to change or cancel your scheduled cleaning. Less than 2 days notice may result in a $50 cancellation fee.***